Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My July is Booked!

Although I've been meaning to update with news about my forthcoming trips for some time, there just has not been a free moment of late. A few weeks ago, I received a potentially life-altering phone call on my way home from work. The secretary from the Jewish Labor Committee called to inform me that I have been accepted as a participant for the 2011 Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teachers' Program. To say that I am thrilled about this experience does not begin to describe my elation!

The HAJRTP trip is an amazing three week experience that begins and ends at the USHMM in Washington, D.C. In the span of time between meetings at the museum, the group will travel to Israel, Germany, and Poland to visit various museums and memorials to the Holocaust. Additionally, a key component of the program is the opportunity to speak with survivors and educators in each of the countries. With the survivor population narrowing each day, those opportunities will be especially precious. The chance to speak with educators about Holocaust education will also be unique and extremely beneficial to my own approach to Central's Holocaust and Human Behavior course. All in all, I'm certain that my month of July will be packed with experiences that will always influence my teaching and will truly never leave me.

This past weekend also marked a personal epiphany about the upcoming Holocaust Overseas Trip with 14 Central students--it's nearly a month away! Since we leave on April 12, real preparations for the trip must begin. I've already begun gearing up for my world travels with a easy-to-pack jacket as well as a USB, pocket sized audio recorder, but I heartily welcome any additional suggestions for "must have" items for my upcoming excursions. Experienced travelers, I'm looking at you...

I will be sure to provide more updates about the Holocaust Overseas Trip as well as HAJRTP in the weeks to come!


  1. Hey Lindsay,

    A few things I'd suggest taking:
    - a travel umbrella (light AND small)...central Europe can get a fair amount of rain
    - layers. Makes picking your outfit easier and as the temp changes throughout the day, you can take off or put on
    - you might want a money belt (I always feel fine in Germany, but I was warned about pickpockets when I went to Prague)..but they can also be annoying
    - a electric converter so you can use your computer, charge your camera, etc. (Czech Repub and Germany use the same sockets...can't speak to Israel)
    - your iphone should work over there since it is a GSM phone (lucky). Wi-Fi isn't as readily available as it is here, at least in Germany, since I think law now expects you to lock your networks there. Starbucks, some McDonald's and some train stations do have it, though

    Is this the kind of advice you're looking for? Hope it helps!

  2. And sorry, I'm still jetlagged, you said Poland, I read Czech Republic. Ay. I can't speak to the power outlets in Poland, as I haven't been there--YET!

  3. MG, I'll be in Prague, too! Thanks so much for the advice, my well traveled friend! Hope this last trip was awesome!