Monday, April 11, 2011

The Night Before

Well grades have been submitted, sub plans have been written, packing is 95% complete, and tonight's the last night before we leave. I've been excited/anxious all day, and now things feel set for tomorrow. Though I'm sure the nerves will stay with me until we're on the plane tomorrow afternoon.

At this point tomorrow, we'll be somewhere over the north Atlantic at this time! :)

Next post, Prague!


  1. Wow! The big day has arrived. We wish you all safe travels and a great time!!! Keep us posted and have fun!! "Look out for the pickpockets"...and enjoy that overnight train!! Can't wait to read all your blogs. "Mrs. P"., Christian and Greg.

  2. If you guys get some extra time in Prague, I hope you can see "John Lennons Wall" on the beaten path!! Hope you all get some rest and enjoyed your first day of touring!!! Mrs. P.