Friday, April 15, 2011

The Overnight Train

So far so good on the overnight train! Most of the students equated the train with the Hogwarts Express which made it that much cooler in their eyes. Unfortunately, Hagrid is not going to meet us when we arrive in Warsaw, but we will be met by our next tour guide.

Our last day in Prague was lovely--we did see the sun peak out! In the morning, we started out at Prague Castle: exploring the cathedral, old castle, and view of downtown Prague. We had lunch right within the walls of the castle and then watched a concert of classical music. After the concert, we walked down from the top of the hill where the castle is situated and made our way to Charles Bridge. This bridge is the most iconic bridge in Prague as it was built in the Middle Ages. As a footbridge, it has a vibrant feel to it with performers and merchants. From our walk to Charles Bridge, we shopped and explored Prague until dinner. We had a lavish meal at the Blue Rose -- right next to our hotel which has a 15th century grotto feel. It was stunning! Directly from dinner, we were taken to the train station and boarded our very own "Warsaw Express" which will help us begin the second leg of our journey.

Next time, Poland!

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  1. Hilarious!! The Hogwarts comments. Glad they have WIFI on the train. We hope you get some good group photos on the train..can only imagine. We have been keeping up with your travels via youtube videos other people posted and on web pages. The Blue Rose Restaurant looks Amazing..There is a great webpage about the Lobkowiz Palace that has audio clips of what you would hear on a tour, from Lobkowiz Relatives. Hard to believe the castle was taken away from the family 2x. It's been fun for us back in New Jersey learning with you. That's the keep the legacy we are doing our best back in "RAINY" New Jersey. We only saw the sun for one day and it has been cloudy and cold the rest of the time. Hope you all get some rest on that Hogwarts train!! Mrs. P.