Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A week to go!

With only a week left, the Holocaust Overseas tour is a reality! We had our final parent/student meeting last night, and everyone seems ecstatic for our journey.

We'll be flying out of Newark about this time a week from now and beginning our journey in Prague. After a few days to explore the beautiful city and relevant Holocaust sites, we will take an overnight train to Warsaw. Then we will travel around Poland to various museums and camps, and finally, we will end up in Krakow with our Polish hosts. I cannot wait to meet this year's students from Lyceum V and reconnect with the lovely faculty from there.

In my excitement for the trip, I went on Google to seek out information about the overnight train (the only component I have trepidation about). Let's just say that I hope we're riding first class--otherwise, I may not get much sleep! Here's some tips (via raileurope.com):

Tell me more about night trains

  • What are the benefits of taking an overnight train?
    • Simple. It lets you spend a full day sightseeing in one city, then wake up refreshed and ready to start the next day in another. While also saving you the money you would’ve spent on a hotel.
  • What types of overnight accommodations are available if I am traveling with a railpass?
    • It depends on your railpass. First-class passes get sleeper accommodations (containing either 1 or 2 private bed, a washbasin, fresh linens and towels). Second-class passes provide T3 compartments (containing 3 beds, a washbasin, fresh linens and towels) and couchettes (which are shared compartments that have 6 beds without amenities). Some T4 compartments (containing 4 beds plus amenities) are offered in 1st and 2nd class as well. You just need to check your train and fare details for specific availability.
  • What does “gender specific” mean?
    • It means we keep the boys and girls separate at night, unless you and your travel companions book all the beds within a compartment. It specifically applies to the Elipsos, City Night Line, Lusitania (train from Madrid to Lisbon), and Spanish Night trains. And as romantic as those trains are, we just had to do it.
  • What types of compartments or sleeping accommodations are available on overnight trains?
    • They vary according to the train and route. The most common compartments are Singles, Doubles, and Couchettes. Some offer T3, T4 and Deluxe Sleepers.
    • Here are a few details. A Single is a first-class compartment that contains one bed, a private washbasin, linens, towels and its own lock. A Double is the same with 2 beds (normally bunked). A couchette is a very affordable second-class option with 6 bunked beds and a public washroom. The T3 compartments contain 3 beds, a private washbasin, fresh linens and towels, and the T4 contains 4 beds plus those amenities. Lastly, Deluxe Sleepers include a private restroom in your compartment.

Edited to include hotel information:


  1. FYI. Mrs. P...Perangelo Family (Greg and Christian and Tiffany) :) Enjoy students!!! We look forward to all the blogs!

  2. Thanks for the comments! I'll update as often as possible. :)